Sculpture Department


The study in this department started since the establishment of the College of Arts. It is primarily concerned with drawing and design, in addition to the three-dimensional formation represented in the embodiment of visuals through formation, engraving and coloring. This is in addition to the diversity of using different materials that fit the data of the sculpture. The Department of Sculpture awards a Bachelor's degree in Sculpture, and a Master's degree in Sculpture is also awarded.

Offered Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor's degree in Sculpture (Four Years)

List of Courses

Course Name Code
Mould Making SCP 217
Introduction to Materials Properties SCP 218
Modeling SCP 224
Materials Properties SCP 225
Casting SCP 226
Computer-Aided Design 1 SCP 227
History of Sculpture SCP 228
Modeling Basics of SCP 216
Reliefes SCP 313
Carving Technolohy SCP 314
Sculpture Restoration SCP 315
Applied Ornamentation SCP 316
Composition in Sculpture SCP 317
Computer-Aided Design 2 SCP 318
Monumental Design SCP 322
Composition in Sculpture 2 SCP 323
Metal Works SCP 324
Sculpture Contemporary SCP 325
Carving Styles SCP 326
Computer-Aided Design 3 SCP 327
Specialized Drawing SCP 328
Advanced Studies in Sculpture SCP 412
Graduation Project PRJ 421
Graduation Research ART 422