Interior Design Department (IDD)


After spending an introductory academic year at the College of Fine Arts, in which the student studies courses, basics of design, three-dimensional design (sculpture, ceramics), free drawing and calligraphy. As well as other sciences such as university and college requirements, then studying the history of arts, philosophy, psychology. The student is assigned to the department from the second year, where the selection committee will be the students who have succeeded in passing the exams in the first year. Students from the scientific course who have scored high marks in the foundations of design are preferred. Studying in the department for three years qualifies students to obtain a bachelor's degree in interior design. During the study period, students of the Department of Interior Design look at me after graduation in the fields of interior design for institutions and government centers.

Offered Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor's degree in Interior Design (Four Years)

List of Courses

Course Name Code
History of interior design IND 216
Techniques of Presentation IND 217
Principles and theory of Interior Design IND 218
working Drawing IND 224
Science and Technology of Environment IND 225
Interior Design for Residential Buildings Studio IND 226
Materials Technology (2) IND 227
Computer- Aided Design 1 IND 228
Basics of Furniture Design IND 313
Introduction to Theory of Structive IND 314
Computer Aided design (2) IND 315
Human factors in interior design IND 316
Studio Interior design for commercial sector IND 317
Material Technology (2) IND 318
Project Management IND 322
Acoustic and light IND 323
Studio Interior design for public sector IND 324
specifications and Quantities IND 325
Workshop Practice IND 327
Interior Design and Society IND 328
Interior Design for Tourism Sector Studio IND 412
Advanced Studies in Interior Design IND 413
Graduation Research ART 421
Graduation Project PRJ 422