Graphic Design Department


The Department of Graphic Design is considered one of the first departments in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, and it is one of the distinctive applied departments that have contributed to extending the labor market in the field of publishing, advertising and media with specialists since the fifties of the last century. The department includes a photography lab, and its students benefit from the college press attached to the Printing and Binding Department, as well as the computer lab in addition to the department's applied materials studios.

Offered Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design (Four Years)

List of Courses

Course Name Code
Visual Thinking (1) GRD 216
Illustration (1) GRD 217
Basic of Digital Photography GRD 218
Computer Graphics (1) GRD 224
Visual Thinking (2) GRD 226
Multimedia (Introduction) GRD 227
History of Graphics Design GRD 228
Computer-Aided Design 2 GRD 313
Basics of Publication Design GRD 314
Basices of Packaging GRD 315
Print Making GRD 317
latin Font Design GRD 318
Illustration (2) GRD 322
Advanced Multimedia GRD 323
Advanced Publication Design GRD 323
Packaging GRD 325
Computer Printing Production GRD 326
Arabic Font Design 327 GRD
Environmental Graphics GRD 328
Marketing GRD412
Logo Design GRD 413
Publications Office Design GRD 414
Advance Packaging GRD 416
Advance Illustration GRD 417
Graduation Project PRJ 421
Graduation Research ART 422