Strategic View


To be a distinguished Art and Design Institution and Resource Centre of world-class status; A model environment for future creative professionals.


  1. To provide excellent and distinguished teaching and learning programs in Art & Design.
  2. To Develop and to promote technologies and professionals in the Art & Design disciplines encompassing deep-rooted values.
  3. To lead the technology-based knowledge in Art & Design of world-class status functioning as a Regional Resource Centre for Afro-Arab Arts.
  4. To bridge the gap between theory and practice through a number of versatile programs that integrates scientific knowledge with individual artistic and handicraft skills.
  5. To integrate modern art and design technologies successfully in the programs of sustainable development. 6.To provide all-round training that stresses novelty in thought, ideas and products.


  1. To prepare Students to become competent professionals who can successfully satisfy the business society needs for creative artists and designers.
  2. To provide an appropriate creative environment that enables the students to achieve personal and professional goals and assume future leadership roles through its programs and professional study.
  3. To provide research capabilities within the concept of applied learning in classrooms, studios, and shops.
  4. To help in transferring different aesthetic experiences to the society, and to raise public awareness about the need for beautiful and healthy environment.
  5. To create strong mutual academic links between the college and regional and international Art and Design institutions.