Calligraphy and Ornamentation Department


This department represents a mainstay for preparing and graduating artists to preserve the traditions of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration, as they are two of the most important elements of Islamic aesthetics historically. All the exploits and virtues related to the nation’s personality ideologically and aesthetically have been transmitted through Arabic calligraphy, in addition to renewing the ability of calligraphers to produce new products related to the spirit of the age and what is new in it. From the technical capabilities of the printing service and the cultural industry.

Offered Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor's degree in Calligraphy and Ornamentation (Four Years)

List of Courses

The first year study comprises classical and contemporary Arabic calligraphy, emphasizing the design aspect, developing into its art, its application in other branches, especially graphic design. The European syllabuses includes the Roman alphabet – bass of all European letters – especially emphasizing handwriting. The second year includes types of letters (Naskh and Rigaa) are introduced – formation. The third year includes all former studies plus three further letters (Thuluth , Deewani, and Farsi) design and museum studies. The fourth year includes special attention to contour and decoration, and production of finished and diploma work.

Course Name Code
Rigaa , Daiwany Calligraphy 216 CAL
Introduction to Floral Ornamentation 721 CAL
Introduction Kuffic Script 218 CAL
Kuffic Script 622 CAL
Floral Ornamentation 522 CAL
Naskh Calligraphy 224 CAL
Computer- aided Design 1 822 CAL
Introduction to History Of Arabic Calligraphy 722 CAL
Computer- aided Design 2 318 CAL
Geometrical Ornament 314 CAL
Latin Font- Design 317 CAL
Introduction to Thuluth Calligraphy 313 CAL
History Of Arabic Calligraphy 316 CAL
Golding 1 315 CAL
Faresi Calligraphy 325 CAL
Golding 2 233 CAL
Calligraphy Art Work Design 327 CAL
Arabic Font- Design 326 CAL
Arabic Font Based Emblem Design 324 CAL
Thuluth Calligraphy 223 CAL
Advanced Computer-aided Design Applications 328 CAL
Applications in Latin Calligraphy 413 CAL
Advanced Studies in Arabic Calligraphy 412 CAL
Advanced Studies in Kuffic Script 441 CAL
Advanced Studies in Ornamentation 416 CAL
Advanced Studies in Font Design 415 CAL
Graduation Project PRJ 421
Graduation Research ART 422