Ceramics Department


The ceramics department trains students on different methods and techniques of ceramics from the industrial, functional and aesthetic aspects, in addition to study of clay and its analysis to sort out the chemical elements present in nature and their suitability, and study the applications of chemistry to know the elements and components of the glaze used in polishing ceramic pots. Furthermore, the department offers training in the use and maintenance of thermal kilns, in addition to training on working in industrial ceramics, hand-made ceramics and cupboard ceramics, in addition to studying the history of Sudanese ceramics and training in ceramic design.

The Ceramic Department trains students on techniques of Ceramics:

  1. Throwing Technique.
  2. Casting.
  3. Hand Building.
  4. Chemistry of ceramics.
  5. History of Ceramics.

Offered Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor's degree in Ceramics (Four Years)

List of Courses

Course Name Code
Introduction to Industrial Ceramic 216 CER
Introduction to Throwing 217 CER
Ceramic Materials 218 CER
Hand Build Pottery 224 CER
Throwing 225 CER
Industerial Ceramic 226 CER
Introduction to Ceramic Chemistry 227 CER
Computer Aided Design 228 CER
Hand Built Pottery Techniques 313 CER
Throwing Techniques 314 CER
Industrial Ceramic Techniques 315 CER
Chemistry of Ceramic 316 CER
Ceramics Decoration and Design 317 CER
Advanced Computer-Aided Design Applications 318 CER
Advanced Hand Built Pottery 322 CER
Advanced Throwing 323 CER
Advanced Industrial Ceramic 324 CER
Refractories 325 CER
Glazes 326 CER
Glass Forming 327 CER
History of Ceramic 328 CER
Firing Techniques 416 CER
Manual Productien of Ceramic CER 412
Production of Throwing 413 CER
Mass Production of Industrial Ceramic 414 CER
Glazing 415 CER
Non-conventional Ceramic Materials 417 CER
Graduation Project PRJ 422