Industrial Design Department


The Department of Industrial Design at the College of Arts was established in 1971. A number of industrial designers have graduated from it, who have contributed and are still developing design processes in industry in Sudan. The department trains students on multiple operations of real-life problems after understanding and rooting the meaning of industrial design in theory and practice in the early years of specialization.

Offered Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design (Four Years)

List of Courses

Course Name Code
Industrial Design Studio 1 ID 216
Model Making Technology ID 217
Presentation Techniques ID 218
Industrial Design Studio 2 ID 224
History of Industrial Design ID 225
Design and Technology 1 ID 226
Computer- Aided Industrial Design 1 ID 227
Engineering Technology ID 228
Industrial Design Studio3 ID 313
Design Methodology ID 314
Human Factor in Design ID 315
Design and Technology 2 ID 316
Computer- aided Industrial Design 2 ID 317
Economics of Design ID 318
Industrial Design Studio 4 ID 322
Material and Processes ID 323
Computer- aided Industrial Design 3 ID 324
Design & Appropriate Technology ID 325
Management and quality in Design ID 326
Techno Preneurship ID 327
Advance Studies in Industrial Design ID 412
Professional Practice ID 413
Graduation Project 2 PRJ 421
Graduation Research ART 422