Digital Collections | SUST College of Fine and Applied Arts


The first beginnings of teaching arts go back to the early thirties, when the Art Department at Bakht Al-Ruda Institute for Teacher Training was accredited to qualify teachers to teach at various academic levels. Later, in 1946, the department evolved into the School of Design at Gordon Memorial College (currently University of Khartoum) to teach theoretical and applied knowledge in the arts of carpentry, architecture, drawing, surveying and design.

In 1951, the School of Design joined the Technical Institute in Khartoum (K.T.I) under the name "Higher Department of Arts", and with the development of the Technical Institute into an Institute of Colleges of Technology, this higher section became known as the School of Fine and Applied Arts, while the College of Technology developed into Sudan University of Science and Technology.

The college holds annual exhibitions to display the work of the graduates in all departments. This digital gallery presents the art projects of students organized into collections based on type of art.